Our Tele-health Health Coaches provide a convenient way to facilitate healthy, sustainable behavior change for clients seeking to improve a medical condition or to prevent disease in the first place. The coaching session is conducted via a secure live videoconferencing application allowing for a more personal and private experience. With the use of proven behavioral change interviewing skills, the Health Coach can guide the client to adopt daily preventive measures like maintaining proper diet, nutrition, exercise, meditation, etc. Our Coaches help clients to improve their quality of life and prevent possible chronic, lifestyle or life threatening diseases.

Some highlights of what our Health Coaches do:

  • Provide effective solutions on health and wellness issues
  • Counsel and advise patients on how they can improve their overall health condition
  • Identify the need for behavioral change to improve health status, reduce health risks and improve quality of life
  • Reinforce client directed health goals
  • May record vital signs like body temperature, blood pressure, weight, height, etc.

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